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Who We Are .......
Bootheel Counseling Services is a
private, not-for-profit organization that
has been providing services in
Southeast Missouri for over 30 years.  
We are the State of Missouri's
Administrative Agent for mental health
services for the counties of Scott,
Stoddard, Mississippi and New Madrid.  
Bootheel Counseling Services has
been certified by the Missouri Division
of Comprehensive Psychiatric Services
for the following programs: Community
Psychiatric Rehabilitation for Adults;
Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation
for Children and Youth; Outpatient
Mental Health; and Access Crisis
Intervention.  Bootheel Counseling
Services is licensed by Missouri
Department of Mental Health Division of
Alcohol and Drug Abuse to provide
Substance Abuse treatment. Bootheel
Counseling Services is a member of the
US Psychiatric Rehabilitation
Association (USPRA) and participates
in the Missouri Coalition of Community
Mental Health Centers.
Our Mission .......
Bootheel Counseling Services is
committed to providing excellent
comprehensive mental health care that
will maximize the human potential and
quality of life for the individuals and
communities served.
Services Provided .......
We provide out-patient treatment
services for a wide range of problems,
rehabilitation services for adults with
psychiatric disabilities, early screening
and intervention services with "at risk"
children, mental health promotion,
Substance Abuse treatment and
education services for the community
at large.
Serving  Scott, Stoddard,
Mississippi and New Madrid
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